Oct 23, 2010

DIY Wedding 1 : Rose Brooch

Finally I made these "panitia" brooch with another pattern..which I get it from here.. It's kinda easy and fast, cause I have to make 50 brooch for "panitia"..

I get the fabric from Cigondewah (again ^^), it's almost 5 meters long but cost only IDR 12000, haha, very cheap eh? I pick white, cause it's neutral and it's the only fabric I found match for these brooch..And after the wedding, they could use it for their veil, jacket or bags, it's not a waste anyway...

Lovely isn't it?
Here I take a picture when I use it for my jacket..
Not bad for a beginner ya?
Hope all my panitia and family love it..

Oh ya...You could use it for a hairband or hairpin too..
Just stick it with glue or sew it...

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