Oct 22, 2010

Tik Tok

Oh my god!!
the clock is ticking..tik..tok..it's almost 2 more weeks before my BIG day...
Nervous?of course..I really want to end up this stress quickly but when I think about the time it's kinda too fast..hehe...
Even almost all the things have done mostly.. These small things kinda make my mind even more and more nervous..I even set up a family meeting and make all my cousins help me to set things up..

And about my future groom, Edwin, he's take it really easy..too easy I guess..Maybe it's because he's far away from here, and he's kinda busy working too..But sometimes Edwin give me some advices or just remind me about taking care of myself, don't be too stress or other, give me a relief that he really care about me..love u :)

Oh ya..should we do the checklist? Ok then..
1. Venue (Kologdam) - done
2. Catering and Decoration (Harmony) - done
3. Make Up (Puri Kanti & Mba Ambar) - done
4. Invitation (Mamih's friend) - done
    Still on progress for sending the invitation.
5. Kebaya (Mas Ja'e) - done
6. Seserahan - done
7. Music (Syarif) - done
8. Photography (Sony) - done
9. Wedding ring (http://cincintitanium.blogspot.com/) - done
10. Mahar - done
11. Souvenir - on progress packing

I think all the big things is almost done..Now all I have to do is think about the small things..ok then...don't get stress naaaaa.....

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