Oct 28, 2010

DIY Wedding 2 : Roses Girls Headband

This is my 2nd DIY Wedding..
Now I made headband for my little cousins..There's about 7 of them total..
I used a used fabric from the other cousins veil..Its peach and I add the gold ribbon for luxury impression..
Gold and Peach Hairband

First I buy the plain black hairband and then i cut some fabric..Stick it with glue, I used hot glue here..after that I add some of gold ribbon to the hairband...
Stack of hairband
 And then I think about the accessories for the hairband..I try something new, making roses (again ^^) with different technique..I called this Twist and Turn, it's very easy and simple..And I like the result..It looks more glamor..
The Roses

 After that I stick both of the roses to the hairband with hot glue again...
Diva with hairband..
Hopefully they like it...
You could use it for your own DIY for any occasion.. It's worth to try.. =D


aphrodita wibowo said...

cantik hasilnya... :)


NaQiut said...

makasiihh aphrodita ^^
salam kenal :D

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